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My name is Mahendra Chauhan. I belong to the small city of Ajmer, located in Rajasthan. My childhood has passed in a situation where there were a lot of financial problems. As a child, at the age of 15-16, I took care of myself as well as the house. The condition of my family was not good. I started working from a young age to run my household. Studying was also very important for me. Despite working so much, I never lost my passion for reading and I completed my graduation with my own money because in life it was well understood that along with money, education also plays a very important role in our life.

In my life, I also did farming and did many types of jobs, but did not get success. Then I started a mobile accessories shop in 2013. I earned a lot of money in that business, and it went on for good 3 years. Afterward, I started construction line work, due to the recession in 2016 once again I faced challenges in my life.

I had thought that I would not give up in any situation and I started again in the field of network marketing. Crypto came into my life in 2021. I am aware of this point that cryptocurrency is going to rule in the world in the Future and then I came to know about CNF at the same time that was the biggest opportunity and I grabbed it without any second thought and the work of CNF was already going very well. For me, it was the cherry on the top and after that, I have been working with great dedication since. Seeing the technology of CNF, I understood so much that the future of CNF is very bright and working in CNF means making my future bright. After joining CNF, I have fulfilled all my dreams, from bike to achieving my first car through CNF. CNF is the only platform from which I got money, respect, and fame together. Through CNF I fulfilled all my dreams. I feel quite proud when people recognize me through CNF. This lifestyle has always been desired in my life and it would happen because of the CNF.

The biggest contributor to my success is my entire team as well as my mentors. Now it has become my dream that in the coming 90 days I can achieve the same success for my team which I have achieved through CNF.

~ “If you get a chance in life, give it your whole life to do it and never give up in your life.”

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