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I was born in Mathura, which is the holy city of Lord Krishna. From childhood, I was very fond of reading and writing. I have had a good education since childhood. After completing my graduation I opened my institutes because I want education to be the greatest knowledge that everyone should have. Today people know me as a Personality development Trainer and it has been possible because of my education. Wherever I have reached today, the credit goes to my education because I know that education plays a very important role in today’s world.

In 2008, I started my career in Network Marketing through RMP which is India’s first marketing company. After getting into network marketing, I stayed in a product-based company for 4 to 5 years, where I learned a lot throughout my journey.

Everything was going well, suddenly in 2015, I had an accident, due to which I was very disappointed and I had stopped network marketing for some time. In 2019, once again ventured into network marketing. Crypto entered my life in 2021 and to date, I am earning a lot through crypto. Today, in addition to my English language and personality developer, I am seen as a trainer, presenter, and crypto coach. CNF is a real platform for me where I meet all real people. CNF has given me everything that every human being wants in their life.

Whatever I have done in CNF today, I would like to give full credit to my team because my team has always stood beside me in every phase in which I have reached the heights of a successful journey in the CNF Company. My vision is that in the coming 4 years, we all will be recognized all over the world through CNF. It has always been my desire that we should be ready to learn in life because learning is our biggest weapon. We can’t be good speakers until we can be good Listeners.

~ “To become successful, we should listen to successful people and read their biopics, which gives us strength, and inspires us to succeed.”

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