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My life has started with challenges. But never learned to settle for defeat with those challenges. I belong to the middle class. My parents have always taught me that education is very important for us. I know different types of languages in Arabic, Urdu, and English languages and I completed my graduation in 2001.

After completing my graduation, I started the job of the teacher within 2001 itself, where my salary was very less according to my needs. From 2001 to 2004, I worked in the same post. Always used to think about how to increase my income according to my needs. I have faced every problem with great courage. There was definitely fear in my mind but I used to think that whatever happens, everything will be good.

After years, CNF entered my life, from which I earned a lot of respect. CNF is not only a way to earn money but in our life, we can learn lots of things through the CNF. This is the only platform where you will get to learn every knowledge of life. I have got many achievements in this company and I want to give all the credit to my team.

After joining CNF, I have understood very well that all my dreams and all goals will be fulfilled only through CNF.

~ “Always focus on the solution, not the problems”.

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