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The beginning of my life has been very difficult, but I never gave up on my life. At the age of 3, my father left me. It was a very difficult time for us and especially, for my mother. But my mother never lost her spirit and despite having such a big accident, my mother taught me. As my age was increasing, so were my studies and the expenses of my house also increasing. There was a time when all the problems had to be faced at once but I had learned one thing from my mother, no matter how big the challenges come in front of her, no matter how many challenges we face, we have to fight bravely and not run away from troubles like cowards.

Slowly after passing 12th, I started my career. Did all the work in life but that success and that happiness were nowhere to be found. I have been working since the age of 18, I have experienced so much that you could not achieve anything without hard work in your life. Hard work is the real stepping stone to success. Have worked in life with a salary of 4000 rupees but never felt satisfied in doing that work because where your work is not appreciated, your mind is never used to work.

After a long time, I heard about MLM marketing. There was an interest in MLM marketing from the beginning, I worked in such a Marketing Company where I got Name and Fame. 

Then came a time when CNF entered my life. CNF had come into my life as an angel. That success and respect I always wanted in my life that I got through CNF. While working with CNF, I know that CNF is going to achieve every milestone in the future in the world of Blockchain. CNF has given me a lot, I achieved my first Car through CNF, and it would not happen without my team and my mentors.

This is the quotes my mom always said to me when I was a kid

“when there was no one in your life, there is God who is always beside you”.

My achievements and success or whatever I’m today, the credit for that goes to my team and CNF Company.

Whatever I am today, it is only because of the principles of my mother and my father, and the help of my entire Team. I have always been taught in my life that never hurt anyone, never take advantage of anyone’s helplessness. The success mantra of my life is that I want to grow with my Team and here I end my conversation with my favorite line.

~ “Together we can achieve Everything.”

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