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My career started in 1996 in Delhi. I have done various types of jobs in my life initially, I worked as a helper and in some places as a security guard. In life, I did not hesitate to do any work because I was taught from childhood that if we are true then no work is small or big.

After doing a lot of work later worked as a merchandise post within an industry. While doing this, my career started within sales, marketing and where I got to play many different roles. I worked as a leader, then I also worked as a manager there. After doing many such jobs, then I started my own startup inside direct selling.

In 2006, I entered the insurance industry. I did a lot of work and my work is appreciated everywhere. I have experience of 20 to 25 years. At the beginning of 2010, I worked in real estate, doing the same, after many years again stepped into the world of crypto. And my debut in CNF happened in 2021. For me, CNF is my life. This is a platform where everyone has got a chance to work. This is only a platform where a laborer can also work, a businessman can also work and a housewife can also work. CNF is a platform for me that has not discriminated against anyone till now. Due to this special reason of CNF, today CNF is making a splash in the crypto world. I went with the goal that I should educate 2000+ people through CNF which I also did.

Today I have come on a long journey in the world of CNF and I have only one reason to be so successful and that is my team. Whatever I am today, I am only because of my team.

~ “No work is big or small, always give your best.”

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