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I belong to Himachal Pradesh. After education, I started my first job which is 1800 rs/per month. In 2016 I entered the Network Marketing Industry; a product-based company and I worked in that company for 5 to 6 years.

So many ups and downs I faced in my Journey and I completed 15 years in the Network Marketing Industry. Then CNF came into my life. I already have experience in cryptocurrency but have never seen a Business plan like a CNF Company and without any second thought, I started my journey in a CNF company.

My vision for CNF is to Grow with Technology and everyone knows about the future, how to digitally transform and we have to merge in that and also with network and Team Work.

CNF is the only platform where I get to learn everything. When I am talking about my achievements all the credit goes to my champion team members. I already understood very well that my all targets and my all dreams will be fulfilled through the CNF.

~ “Keep learning in life because there is no age to learn”.

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