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21st April 2022: Welcome to the CNF Academy! One of the best Learning platforms in the world of Blockchain and cryptocurrency, we promise to give you all the information and knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain. Continuing our next session, we are going to move towards the third phase of the session on 24th April 2022.

Knowing about Blockchain has become quite important in today’s world because, in our rapidly evolving technological world, everything is getting faster and more digital.

With the advancement of technology, we will learn about Blockchain at the third session of CNF Academy. CNF Academy cordially invites you all to participate in this fantastic educational program.

What are we going to learn in the 3rd session?

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Why blockchain and who invented
  • How does it work and what key elements
  • Transaction process
  • Attributes of cryptocurrency
  • Blockchain decentralization
  • Transparency
  • Is blockchain secure?
  • Bitcoin vs blockchain
  • Blockchain vs bank
  • Use cases of blockchain
  • Benefits of blockchain
  • Pros and cons of blockchain
  • Drawbacks of blockchain
  • What is a blockchain platform
  • How many blockchains are there?
  • Types of the blockchain network 
  • Blockchain – one of history’s greatest invention
  • Blockchain Security

We assure you that this session would be very helpful to you and to our organization in the near future. Take advantage of this session with your champion teams.

If would like to know more information about the 2nd session, please feel free to write to us at

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