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20th March: Grand Inauguration Of CNF Academy! There is no greater treasure than knowledge and no bigger weapon than learning, and we believe that CNF Academy will provide you with a superior learning platform. CNF Academy hosts Monthly Program Sessions where you can gain a wealth of knowledge about Crypto and Blockchain Technology. We are going to greet you all with a fantastic program that will begin on 3rd March 2022. We hope everyone will be present in their time and utilize the time as much as possible during the session.

So let’s learn and grow together!

What are we going to learn from the session?

  • Basic of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • Evolution of money
  • Roots of Cryptocurrency
  • About Bitcoin
  • How Crypto Works
  • Bitcoin Network
  • Fiat money v/s Cryptocurrency
  • Why Crypto is the future

Details are mentioned below:

We assure you that this session would be very helpful to you and to our organization in the near future. Take advantage of this session with your champion teams.

If would like to know more information about the session or upcoming, please feel free to write to us at

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