Distributing Wealth

With Blockchain

Blockchain-enabled business models will present a seismic shift to how business is conducted in the future. The technology will store data in a decentralized, time-stamped, immutable, and vigilant manner providing an efficient ledger storage mechanism in a distributed environment. But with innovative business models comes the need to thoughtfully consider the regulatory environment, best practices, and strategy. This is the primary motivation for us at CNF Globe.

Today, the boundaries of our technology once again are being pushed, as evidenced by innovations from companies like ours. At CNF Globe, we thrive on bringing adaptability to blockchain technology with our solutions. But this is not all. We truly believe that there’s a ton of potential for blockchain technology and the best part is that it’s constantly expanding. Lastly, it’s wise to say that the future of blockchain technology looks bright, and when you consider that it’s already showing promise in almost every industry, it seems like the best is yet to come.

Usable Design
Fast & Steady
Top Quality

Building Better Human Designs for Blockchain Technology & its Applications

The universe is expanding, so are our problems and so is the problem-solving mindset. Whenever we keep a problem at our hands, we always think like a customer. By keeping our customers first, half of the problem is already solved.

The other half involves deep-diving into the refinement of both, the problem and the solution. Here, we break down the problem, bit by bit and try to map each bit to an individual solution. Once we are there, we integrate it as a whole and run quality assurance tests.

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Can I join CNF Globe for free?

No, there’s a joining fee of 500 CNF Tokens that’s needed for you to join the CNF Globe community.

How does CNF Globe ensures authenticity?

We are based on blockchain technology and make use of smart contracts for our functioning. This ensures an authentic and transparent flow of work.

Can anyone join the network?

Yes! We do not stop anyone from joining our community and anybody from anywhere is welcomed by us to our community.

Is an invitation code necessary?

Yes! An invitation code is necessary for anyone to join our community.

Managing Your Account

Can I withdraw my earnings?

Yes, you can easily withdraw your earnings to your wallet and then cash them out on any cryptocurrency exchange.

Which exchanges are supported by CNF Globe?

Currently, you can cash out your token on LaToken, SunSwap, KoinBazar exchanges. The CNF Token team is working hard to add more exchangers to the list and we’ll keep you posted on the same.

Where can I find my referral link?

You can use your referral link to invite users to the community. You can find this link on your user dashboard, at the lower bottom of the page.