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Bringing you the world’s first decentralized driven direct marketing solution. Join the growing community of blockchain believers and enthusiasts today!

We believe in Collaborative success &
We Act to make this vision come true.

CNF Globe is a community-driven blockchain project. Here we thrive to serve our community with a blockchain-based revenue-operated solution, which is believed to be as first of its kind.

Though this initiative was started small, it is gradually attracting attention from all across the globe. Currently, we cater to more than 45,000+ active members on our platform.


We facilitate a trustless setting with our solution and reduce degrees of shortcoming during execution stages.

Security & Privacy

Your data is stored across a network of computers, making it nearly impossible to hack.

Helping people reclaim their hustle


Growth of individual income (upto)


Country presence


CNF Tokens distributed so far
Blockchain is the future, but still,

Why Choose CNF Globe?


Small Startup Fee

You just need 500 CNF Tokens to kick start your journey in CNF Globe. Yes! You heard that right.

Monitor Your Growth

We provide a dashboard that helps you map your progress and accordingly plan your activities.

Map Your Income

We endorse transparency when it comes to income levels and showcase the same on your dashboard.

No Limit on Gains

Wanna make a fortune? Then game belongs to you and you only. Remember, only your work matters.

Travel the World

You can avail the chance to travel the world with CNF Globe. Simply by achieving our reward targets.

Own Your Destiny

You can literally build your own destiny by simply believing in yourself. Yes! That's the secret sauce.
Together Only, We Can Succeed

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